At Tait Trailers we sell trailers delivered to the Yukon and Alaska, for the same price as they are down South! We sell a variety of quality built trailers.  We sell standard units or custom trailers and truck decks for our customers.  We specialize in trailers that are built to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions of the north. Our living quarters and toy haulers are the best in the industry.

Our Philosophy

At Tait Trailers we provide top quality trailers to our customers.  We sell our trailers delivered to the Yukon and Alaska for the same price they are down South.  If you want to purchase your trailer from us, and pick it up down south, you will SAVE even more MONEY.  Come see our display yard in Whitehorse, Yukon. We are located at 115 Range Road, off the Alaska Highway. Most people want one versatile trailer. They may want to haul wood, make a trip to the dump or haul an ATV or sled. At Tait Trailers we believe you should have a SAFE and DURABLE trailer that will last.  

Driving to the Yukon?

Are you driving to the Yukon?  Would you like to use one of our trailers to bring something home? - Possibly a Costco run...  building materials or furniture....sleds, horses, etc. Give us a call: (867) 334-2194. We can set you up.