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We will sell you a quality horse and stock trailers delivered to the Yukon or Alaska for the same price as the trailer is at the Factory.

No Freight Charge .... A concept foreign to most of us northerners…

If you want to pick up your horse or stock trailer in the South, we will save you money! For those of you that live in the south... Try our price, I think you will like what you find.

Sundowner Horse Trailers

"I have studied many contemporary trailers, and in Sundowner I feel I've found the greatest level of attention to safety and comfort for the horses and people involved. Sundowner's efforts to design and extensively test products before putting their trailers on the road is what sets Sundowner apart."

--Monty Roberts

At Tait Trailers we keep a full inventory of Sundowner trailers. Contact us and we will get you the trailer best suited for your needs.

Sundowner Horse Trailer



Sundowner Horse Trailer

Sundowner Horse Trailer

Features & Benefits

Sundowner Horse TrailerSundowner Horse TrailerSundowner Horse Trailer

Loading couldn't be easier, calmer or safer. With the rear tack in place, only Sundowner's telescoping rear divider clears the loading area for a truly open doorway.
Super user friendly with no pins to unlatch...Or, have a totally open loading area in a matter of seconds with the collapsible rear tack and no rear center post. Operate easily with a horse in hand.

Under the thick, comfortable rubber mat that your horse stands on is a tough interlocking aluminum floor structure. The extruded planks provide added strength to prevent the dips and waves sometimes seen in other floors after a few years.

Your horse rides comfortably in a spacious 42" stall, the largest standard stall in the industry. It stands protected between padded dividers, another standard feature which also helps prevent discoloration on light colored horses.

Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite Horse Trailers

Why Choose Featherlite Horse Trailers?

Above all else, Featherlite horse trailers put safety first. Designed with innovative features to keep your horse safe in transit, our trailers treat your treasures to a smooth and secure ride. Heavy-duty, all-aluminum construction lends durability to each trailer, and keeps them lightweight for superior fuel efficiency. And with highly customizable features available to you through our PerfectFit™ System, Featherlite trailers are designed to fit you to a tee. The bottom line is you always get precisely what you want. Add to it an unparalleled 10-year transferrable warranty, and you can rest assured Featherlite is with you for the long haul.

Durable, no matter what.

Durable, no matter what. Whether you’re transporting your horse to a show or the trails, the durability of your trailer is key to your success. Featherlite’s combination of an all-aluminum, rust-resistant body and superior welds for strength provides peace of mind, knowing your trailer is built to be durable, from the ground up. In your industry, you have a million things to worry about. When you choose Featherlite, your trailer won’t be one of them.

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