Southland Hooklift RollOff Trailer

Hooklift RollOff Trailer
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The Southland Hooklift Rolloff Trailer Modular System is a true multi-use trailer. The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flatdeck or dump trailer. The modular components makes owning multiple trailers more affordable and within minutes you can be ready to tackle a completely new job.

We’ve learned from our previous version of the roll off trailer, the hooklift design is much faster, safer and the more convenient way to load and unload attachments, when compared with the traditional winch system. Leave the 2 stage pump running while using the wireless remote to load and unload the attachments without ever leaving your vehicle. Maintain full control of your attachment by actuating the hooklift arm and position your cargo exactly where you need it.

Hooklift Rolloff Trailer - There's no other trailer like it!

Standard Features & Specifications


GVWR: 17600

Curb Weight: 4180 lbs

Pull Capacity:11,000lbs

Lift Capacity: 11,000 lbs

Bin Capacity: 8,000 lbs

Frame: Engineered Mainframe

5000 lb Drop Leg

Axles: Two 8,000 lb EquaFlex

– Electric Braking Axles

Tires: 4 ST235/85R16 E

– 16 inch

Adjustable 2-5/16 coupler

Hoist: 6″ Cylinder


– Toolbox Generator and Pump

– 8 ft Remote Control & Wireless Remote for 389cc motor with 13HP 2 stage hydraulic pump


– Safety Chains and Hooks

– Enclosed Wiring and Rubber Mounted Lights

– Frame – painted black

– Steel Fenders

– Lighted License Plate Holder

– 7 Prong RV Style Trailer Connector


14′ Bin:

14.5 cubic yard capacity

Weight – 1,620 lb

Bin Dimensions:

– 14′(L) x  7.5′ (W) x 45″ (H)
– formed sides for added strength

– Swing Tailgate gate
– HD Oversize rollers c/w greasable bearing

Colors: Black Standard, Other can be ordered

Various Applications for the Roll Off Series


  • Easily remove waste or deliver products to a job site
  • Many landscapers have expanded into the waste business.
  • Haul specialized equipment w. low ground clearance (i.e. mowers)
  • Load & unload from ground level – no more climbing
  • Keep the trailer working – no need for it to sit on a job site

Building Contractor

  • Easily remove construction or demolition waste from a jobsite with the bin
  • Deliver sand, gravel or fill to a site with the dump body
  • Haul specialized equipment and deliver products to the job w. the flatbed
  • Deliver storage containers to store & secure tools/materials at the job site


  • Multiple attachments allow them to switch between seasonal units i.e. spray unit, spreader,
    water tank, chipper, recycling & waste bins

Storage Container Service

  • Easy to deliver containers to customers
  • Add containers as your business grows

Equipment Rental

  • Flatbeds can be set on the ground to provide a ‘zero’ loading angle
  • Products can be delivered & stored inside of containers, improving security & eliminating
    the need to load & unload trucks
  • Containers can be left at the job site to facilitate customer loading & unloading
  • Some examples of specialized bodies include:
  • Scaffold storage
  • Storage racks for cement forms
  • Generators

Benefits of the New 2017 Hook Lift by Southland


  • A true multi-use trailer
  • The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flatdeck or dump trailer.
  • A homeowner can store his ATV in the cargo attachment & use the chassis for other
  • A contractor can set his tool crib or job shack @ the jobsite & use the chassis as a
    flatdeck for picking up building material or hauling away garbage with a roll-off bin
  • Great for seasonal applications. No need to tie up a trailer chassis with a specialized body,
    year round.


  • Makes having a site shack or tool crib more affordable because you are not paying for
    multiple chassis & running gear.
  • After the initial purchase of the chassis, attachments can be added @ ~ 30-40% of the price
    of another trailer.
  • Makes owning multiple trailers more affordable
  • Register & insure one trailer ilo many – attachments don’t need insurance
  • Reduced maintenance – maintain one trailer ilo many
  • Eliminate costly rental fees


  • Enhanced efficiencies & improve productivity – make one trip not two (two bins eliminates the need to make two trips)
  • Within minutes you can be ready to tackle a completely new job.
  • Attachment can be spotted/decked to be loaded & picked up at your convenience – reduces
    costly waiting time
  • No longer need to off load by hand-bombing – ideal for roofers (unload a flat of lumber by tilting the deck & driving ahead)
  • Maximize the use of the trailer – rather than 3 trailers being used 1/3 of the time, one
    chassis can be used 95% of the time


  • Expand business opportunities
  • Develop your own rental fleet – Waste Bins, Storage Shacks etc…
  • Leave container, bin, storage shack etc. at job site while still utilizing chassis.
  • Generate income from all accessories.


  • Load and unload from ground level
  • Reduce loading angle to zero, no more ramps
  • Able to load vehicles that have minimal ground clearance (i.e. scissor lifts)